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5 Ideas to Fuel Your Inner Homebody

5 Ideas to Fuel Your Inner Homebody

Can’t remember the last time you went out for a night on the town? You’re not alone. According to research firm NPD, younger generations of Americans preferred to stay home watching movies, playing video games and eating great food. And today the trend continues—but with more toys and more sophisticated planning. The name for cocooning is Hygge (the Danish word is pronounced hue-guh) and it means “the constant pursuit of homespun pleasures.” But, Hygge isn’t just about staying at home. It’s about creating a “cozy” environment. NPD says the home goods industry is booming, with products like candles, pillows and throws selling like crazy. Here are a few ideas on how to fuel your inner homebody and create a fun experience.

Attention Foodies!

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There’s always a new hot restaurant in town, so why not try one or two new places on your nights in to see which are worth making a reservation. Most restaurants have takeout and some even deliver themselves or through a third-party service like UberEATS which allows you to choose from a wide variety of restaurants, all available to order from your mobile app.

Cocktail and App Night – 5 Ideas to Fuel Your Inner Homebody

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If you’ve been wanting to test out a few new cocktails, craft beers and appetizers why not try them out on a few friends first? Make things easy by hosting a potluck-style gathering where everyone brings one drink or appetizer, plus copies of the recipe. Taste, sip, test and trade. If all goes well, everyone goes home refreshed and happy—and with several new menu ideas for their next parties.

Spa Night

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Pamper yourself with home spa treatments. Put on some soothing music, soak your feet, and throw on a moisturizing mask—on your face and hair. Or make it a spa party and have each friend offer to provide one spa treatment, such as facials, scalp massage, makeup applications or manicures, to the other guests. Relax in your comfiest loungewear and provide cushy towels. Serve refreshing, spa-style treats like cucumber-infused water, herbal teas and low-calorie snacks.

Movie Night – 5 Ideas to Fuel Your Inner Homebody

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Use a streaming service or the movies on demand feature on your cable box to watch the latest flicks you and your family are dying to see. Or bring out your old favorites on DVD and show the kids the oldies but goodies. Serve treat bags stuffed with your favorite movie-theater candies, (I loved Twizzlers back in the day); spice up plain old popcorn with seasoned salt or Parmesan cheese; and serve fun beverages, ranging from the familiar to the fizzy and fruity. Provide cozy pillows and throws for everyone to snuggle up and enjoy the show.

Crafts Night

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If you and your pals always pin cool craft ideas on Pinterest, but never actually make any of them, now’s the time to change all that. There are two ways to go here. You can host a themed crafts night, where you and your friends pick one type of craft (like making beaded necklaces or painting picture frames), stock up on supplies and all do the same thing. If you’re on a tighter budget, just have everyone bring those forgotten crafts projects they’ve had stuffed in the back of their closets and finally work on them!

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