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5 Startups That Became Hugely Successful Companies

These 10 companies are known globally, they’re worth millions of dollars and they’ve paved the way for other startup companies! When these guys first came on the scene, no one understood them, or thought they would even succeed. Well they proved everyone wrong, and we’ll be very surprised if you don’t know who they are!

5. Craigslist

Founded in 1995, it began as a listing for events in San Francisco. 21 years later, Craig Newmark who conceived the idea and turned it from a local inventory list to a worldwide, multi-category site, made a $335 million profit! You can literally find anything from a pet pig to an antique dresser or even a job on Craigslist and it’s safe to say you’ve been on there at least one time!

4. LinkedIn

The Facebook for the professional world is used by pretty much everyone. Bets say that whoever you’re looking for is going to have a LinkedIn profile! It boasts 364 million users worldwide and the company employs 7,600 people! For the founders, who began trying to start a dating website, their idea certainly paid off; as of February 2016, the company is worth an astounding $2.5 Billion!!

3. Amazon

If you were wondering who revolutionized the book industry, here you go! By replacing bookstores and moving on to replacing books altogether, Amazon have been a revolution in the world of business. From there, they moved on to other items, becoming the model for e-commerce and internet sales. As a startup in 1994 during the early stages of the internet, no one really understood how this company would ever succeed. Well, it did. Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder is personally worth a staggering $47.7 billion!

2. Twitter

Exploding onto the social network scene in 2006, Twitter has gone from strength to strength – in 5 years, their revenue increased from a respectable $25 million to $479 million. Not too shabby for a company that began as an idea from an undergrad student named Jack Dorsey. It was a revolution because it didn’t replace anything, it was totally new. It took a year for the site to really take off and today, the site boasts 320 million monthly users.

1. Google

Yup that’s right, Google was too once a startup! In 1998 with $100,000 and a rented garage, Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched one of the most successful companies to have ever existed! Google basically translates as the internet these days and has extended far past that with works including phone companies, cars, emails, and plenty of other things! The two founders are numbers 9 and 10 on the Forbes richest in America list which really says a lot!

So, if you’re thinking about starting that company you’ve dreamed about forever, what is stopping you. Get in there before anyone else does and you too could be on a list like this some day!

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