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6 Best Moves to Get Tank Top Worthy Arms

6 Best Moves to Get Tank Top Worthy Arms

Yup, it’s that time of year again. The sun is out, and we can enjoy summer clothes again. Are you worried about revealing your arms after the long harsh winter? Thinking you need to tone those babies up before you go sleeveless? Well, we’re here to help you with that! Here are six of the best moves to get tank top worthy arms that will tone every muscle.

1. Plyo Tricep Dips


Not only does this move get the back of your arms burning like crazy but it will pump your heart rate up to burn some calories. There’s no harm in slimming out while you tone up, right? Ok, so to do this great move you need to find a chair, bench, or any flat surface that’s about sitting height.

Sit on the chair and place your palms on the chair at your sides, gripping the sides. Push your weight up on your arms and bring your bottom off the chair and to the front.

Bending your elbows and extending one leg out in front of you lower your body towards the ground with the extended leg staying straight and the other knee bent. With a big push up with your arms, switch the extended leg with the bent one in one little jump, alternating legs with each push up.

2. Arm Circle Circuit – 6 Best Moves to Get Tank Top Worthy Arms

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This circuit looks easy but all it takes is one time through and you’ll know the truth. To do this circuit, stand tall and raise your arms out to the sides. In a big movement, create circles in the air with your arms. Go 20 times to the clockwise, then reverse the motion to go counterclockwise for 20 rotations, keeping the circle big.

Next make the circles small. For 20 rotations clockwise, keep the circles small and tight. Then, reverse and go 20 small circles counterclockwise.

3. Swan Dive

To do this move you start out in a downward dog. This is when you make a perfect upside-down V with your body. In this position you are going to start to bend your arms forward and curve your body into a push up position. Pause for a moment in perfect plank position then move back into downward dog.

This move is to be as fluid as possible. You’ll really feel the burn when you are transitioning from downward dog into plank.

4. Up-Down Planks – 6 Best Moves to Get Tank Top Worthy Arms

For this move you start in an elbow plank position. Without turning your hips, move into high plank position one arm at a time. Return to elbow plank one arm at a time, making sure to alternate between which arm goes first.

5. Arnold Press

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For this move you will need two dumbbells of 5-8 lbs. It’s best to do this move sitting down but it’s important to keep your spine straight. Don’t slouch or curve your back. Hold a dumbbell in each hand in a position of the top of a bicep curl. Your palms should be facing your chest and your elbows bent. Bring your elbows to the sides and turn your palms away from you until the dumbbells are near your ears. Push the weight up to the ceiling and hold. Reverse the move until your back to the top a bicep curl. After three sets of these, your shoulders will be on fire.

6. Weighted Punches – 6 Best Moves to Get Tank Top Worthy Arms

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Boxing is a great way to get toned arms but add weight to it and you’ve got yourself a super effective way to get your arms looking smoking hot. Since you still want power in the punch, you don’t need to have heavy weights. Three to five-pound dumbbells should be enough. Keep your punches powerful and controlled without any flailing around. You can mix it up with jabs, cross punches, and uppercuts. You can even get fancy with it and add in some kicks just for fun.

There you have it. Six exercises to incorporate into your exercise routine that will have your arms toned and ready to be bared with pride.  

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