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6 Healthy Work From Home Habits

6 Healthy Work From Home Habits

The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced millions of Americans across the country to work from home. For people who are used to going into an office to work every day, working from home can be an abrupt change to their normal routine. Working from home might seem easy, but it can have its challenges. 

Between the delicious snacks in your kitchen, television inches away, and a nap that sounds perfect during lunchtime, you can easily fall into some bad habits when you’re working from home. 

Instead of falling into these bad habits, we constructed a list of healthy habits that you can follow when you’re working from home. These tips will not only keep you healthy but also more productive when you’re working. 

1.Have a Separate Office Space

Working from your couch might seem like the ultimate luxurious goal, but it can turn into a bad habit fast. Designate a space in your house that is solely dedicated to working. Don’t bring work materials to your bed because then you can start overworking or underworking. Find a functional space that allows you the freedom only to do what task is ahead of you. 

2. Move Around A Lot – 6 Healthy Work From Home Habits

When working from home, it might be effortless to get lost in your work, and the next thing you know, it’s time to log off. Set the alarm and make a healthy habit of getting up and out of your chair; moving around every hour. This could be to stretch, walk around, or pet the dog. Make sure that you also get outside every day. You can spend your lunch break walking your dog or move your office outside for an hour and get a little sunshine. Whatever you decide to do, remember that movement and exercise are essential for you. 

3. Try to Keep Your Regular Schedule

If you’re new to the home/work life, try to keep your regular schedule. Wake up at the same time and do the same routine that you would do before heading out the door to the office. This can include eating your breakfast and reading the news, getting your morning workout in, or packing your lunch. Whatever it is, stick to it because it will help you keep your normal schedule and help you not fall into some unhealthy habits. This includes eating lunch at your usual lunchtime and away from work and taking regular breaks. 

4. Set Limits – 6 Healthy Work From Home Habits

Working from home can cause you to fall more into your work than you mean to easily. You need to set a healthy work-life balance and stick to it. Yes, sometimes we have to do a little overtime, but that doesn’t mean every day or spending a Saturday doing work because we can. Track your hours and keep yourself accountable. 

5. Keep Healthy Food On Hand

It might seem easy to stock up on chips and unhealthy foods but make a conscious decision to fill your kitchen with food that’s healthy and good for you. Fresh fruit, whole grains, and delicious meals can all help you keep healthy work from home diet and help prevent you from eating all your snacks in one day. 

6. Dress as if You’re Going to the Office

Sure, working in your pajamas might seem like the ultimate goal, but try to get dressed as if you’re going to the office. If your office has a specific dress attire that is more formal, sure you can be a little lax but try to change into something that you can be seen in public with. You never know when a random meeting might occur, and you want to be presentable even from home. 

Those are six of our healthy habit tips for working from home. The most important thing to remember is setting an excellent work-life balance and never fully diving into work nonstop. Set up goals and tasks you want to complete during your workday and stick to your schedule.