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7 Hacks To Make Wallpaper Removal A Breeze

7 Hacks To Make Wallpaper Removal A Breeze

How long have you been staring at that old wallpaper? Well, wallpaper is not meant to stay for too long. However, it is high time now you consider stripping that stuff off if it has been there long enough. Some people find it tough when it comes to removing old wallpaper, but it does not have to be that way if you continue reading this article. Just follow these 7 hacks to make wallpaper removal a breeze.

Prepare the Room

Preparation is the most vital part when it comes to big jobs. Before starting the work, however, your room will need preparation. Sometimes stripping old wallpaper is a dirty, wet, and messy job, but having the right preparation steps can make a huge difference. Make sure you remove electrical switch plates and outlet covers. Additionally, use a drop cloth to cover the floor and the baseboards completely.

Tear off the Face – 7 Hacks to Make Wallpaper Removal A Breeze

Rip the paper where it tends to be loose by starting at a corner near or under a switch plate. Use a putty knife to raise the edges of the paper and then pull the facing off the wall using a steady pressure until the bottom layer of the paper and glue is exposed. Notably, you will have less scraping and cleaning later if you rip more now.


When we talk about scoring, this refers to poking little holes in the paper to make the solvent do its job by getting underneath. If you have professionally installed or vinyl coated wallpaper that does not come off the wall with a basic rip, scoring will help you. Just get a fork instead of buying a professional scorer and the job will be done correctly. In case any paper is stuck underneath making removal harder, use a sharp edge to cut it away from chair rails, baseboards, and moldings.

Soak – 7 Hacks to Make Wallpaper Removal A Breeze

You can consider skipping the chemical solvents and mix either white vinegar, cornstarch, or fabric softener with boiling water. Test each one of the items in a section of wall and check the one that works best for your job. Use a sponge or spray bottle to soak the wallpaper and make sure you keep the mixture warm.

Use a Steamer

Sometimes solvents cannot budge a stuck-on wallpaper. For that reason, you will need to bring in the big gun. In fact, using a steamer replaces the process part of soaking. Consider a little handheld steamer rather than industrial ones, which are heavy, loud, and messy.

Scrape – 7 Hacks to Make Wallpaper Removal A Breeze

Scraping might seem to be the worst part of this process, but you can avoid having to kneel in soggy by starting at the bottom of the wall and working up. Under your scraper, place a big trash barrel as you get higher so that much wallpaper can fall directly.


Clean off any bits of glue that might have been left on the wall after removing the wallpaper from the wall. Use a mixture of laundry detergent and water for cleanup to make the surface spotless and ready for whatever plan you must replace the wallpaper.

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