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Healthy Ways to Use Turmeric in Your Next Meal

Healthy Ways to Use Turmeric in Your Next Meal

Have you ever dreamed and hoped that one day you would have the power to turn everything into GOLD? Well, your dreams are about to come true! You are about to be bequeathed with “The Midas Touch.” How is this all going to be possible? Get those drums rolling…Get ready to spread the wealth of health with the golden super spice TURMERIC! That’s right and here are some healthy ways to use turmeric in your next meal.

“It is health that is the real wealth…and not pieces of gold and silver.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi ~

What is Turmeric? – Healthy Ways to Use Turmeric in Your Next Meal

Photo by Prchi Palwe on Unsplash

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East and East India and is a flowering plant that is part of the ginger family.

Turmeric plants are gathered each year for their rhizomes, which are the rootstalks. The rhizomes are then boiled, dried in hot ovens, and ground into a orange-yellow powder.

Turmeric powder is commonly used as both a flavoring agent and coloring in a plethora of Asian dishes, such as delicious curries. It has a mustard-like, earthy aroma as well as a bitter, warm, and black pepper-like flavor. Not only does turmeric enhance the health value of whatever it is added to, it also gives everything the “Midas Touch” with its vibrant golden hue.

It is one of the oldest superfoods on the planet and is currently one of the most prized spices around the world!

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Once you read the following health benefits of this power plant, it will be an absolute no brainer regarding incorporating it into your next meal:

  • It is a powerful anti-inflammatory as well as a strong antioxidant
  • Turmeric naturally detoxes the liver and purifies blood
  • Protects from free radicals and prevents premature aging
  • Turmeric has 26% daily value of manganese and 16% daily value of iron
  • It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin B6, potassium
  • Turmeric contains healthy amounts of vitamin C and magnesium

Pretty impressive!

Next, let’s look at how YOU can start benefiting from turmeric today.

9 Healthy Ways to Use Turmeric in Your Next Meal

No matter what time of the day, adding a dash of turmeric to your dish will dial up not only the flavor, but also give your body a daily dose of health boosting goodness:


1. Step Up Your Smoothie: Give your smoothie a golden glow my adding dash of turmeric powder. Don’t worry, a small amount will blend in perfectly and not affect the flavor profile.

2. Put a Touch on Your Toast: As if avocado toast couldn’t get ANY more delicious and health, add a dusting of turmeric powder on top (and don’t forget to add some fresh ground black pepper when using turmeric as it helps all its health powers absorb into your body)!

3. Enhance Your Eggs: The simplest way is it so sprinkle turmeric powder on ANY style of eggs. Make a golden frittata by adding turmeric when whipping the eggs.


4. Make a Superfood Soup: Turmeric is a wonderful spice to add to many soups. Put a pinch in, give it a stir, and your body will reap its benefits.

5. Whip up a Golden Quinoa Salad fit for a Queen: Use cooked quinoa as a base and then add your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and veggies. Make a simple dressing with turmeric powder, olive oil, and vinegar!

6. Get a Piece of the Pie: Who doesn’t love pizza! Whether you use it as a pizza topping or add it to the sauce when making it homemade, using turmeric will make your pizza perfect.


7. Make You Meatball Marvelous: Turmeric will give your meatballs a delicious peppery punch. Simply mix it into the bowl, but make sure to use gloves as turmeric is known to stain hands and surfaces!

8. Raise the Rice: Give your simple rice dish a golden glow when you add a few shakes of turmeric powder.

9. Make Your Meat Marvelous: It’s as easy as adding turmeric to any spice rub or your favorite marinade!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Whether your next meal is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, reaching for this rich super spice will guarantee a dish that is both equally parts delicious AND health boosting!