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9 Ways To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

9 Ways To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

We have all experienced the panic of looking at our alarm clock in the morning and realizing we overslept. We tell ourselves, “just five more minutes,” but that would have been 15 minutes ago. Under stress and pressure, the rush to get out of the house is on. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of rushing out of the house with wet hair, a halfway buttoned shirt or blouse, untied shoelaces and wrinkly trousers, here are nine ways to speed up your morning routine.

Have Your Breakfast Items Ready

It is said that in the morning, one should eat like a king. This means that no one should skip their most important meal of the day. Asking someone who is probably late for an interview to sit down and have their breakfast might be too much to ask. Hence the need for yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, or instant oatmeal which are all healthy and quick. You could also make pancakes or waffles ahead of time, then in the morning pop them in the microwave or toaster.

Plan Your Outfits for The Week

At the beginning of every week, plan out each day’s outfit. Hang the clothes you’ll wear on each day in order, inclusive of all the accessories. Having done this, you’ll hardly find yourself running late because you noticed a spot on your shirt, a broken zipper that needs to be fixed or because you couldn’t find your favorite pair of trouser.

Do Your Grooming the Night Before – 9 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Shaving your legs, trimming your eyebrows, or washing your hair should all be saved for the evening and not morning. Although many might disagree, a nighttime shower may also be considered; therefore, you don’t have to fight for the bathroom or get stuck without hot water in the morning.

Organize Your Bathroom

So much time is wasted when going back and forth between the bathroom and bedroom looking for a specific product. Use jars, trays, baskets, and any other containers to store all your essentials. For the products that aren’t opened yet or are out of season, tuck them away. Having done this, it is possible to do your personal grooming in five minutes or even less.

Simplify Your Grooming Process

The use of multipurpose skin care products can easily streamline your morning routine. Look for all-in-one products that hide blemishes, add sunscreen, and brighten your skin all at once. Concealer, lipstick, and mascara are three main products that take seconds to apply and definitely leave you looking all pulled together.

Use A Shower Timer – 9 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

If you do shower in the morning, it’s often hard to leave the bathroom once you step into the steamy water. Before you get into the shower, set a shower timer, or better yet, set the water just a bit too cold for your comfort. This will help you from losing track of time.

Expand Your Shower Repertoire

If showering in the morning, why not do a little more while you’re in there? Clean yourself up as you brush your teeth under the stream. You’ll walk out of the shower feeling fresh and extra clean.

Style and Wash Your Hair the Night Before

Washing your hair in the morning consumes so much time when drying and styling it. You can spray your hair with some dry shampoo in the morning to absorb excess oil and for added volume.

Take Your Time – 9 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Getting late is one thing, but forgetting your books or keys is another calamity. Before you leave the house, take your time, and confirm that you have with you all the necessary items.

If you use these simple ways to speed up your morning routine, you will realize that mornings won’t always be chaotic!

Image source: Thinkstock/DeanDrobot