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First 30 Days Of Going Vegan

First 30 Days Of Going Vegan

When it comes to healthy and regaining the energy a person once had, switching to a vegan lifestyle can be greatly beneficial. While many lifestyles may urge people to focus on meats and cut out carbohydrates, this lifestyle is quite different. A vegan lifestyle focuses on fruits, vegetables, and legumes while cutting out all animal products. Adopting this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart, but for those who choose to put their health first, the rewards are tremendous. Below, newbies to the lifestyle will find tips on how they can adjust to their new eating habits during the first 30 days of going vegan.

Living Vegan Week 1

The first week of the new lifestyle, a person will see results within a matter of a few days. Instead of that groggy feeling in the morning, they will wake up much more alert than previously. Not only will they feel better in the mornings, but the wall most people hit in the afternoon will dissipate. Instead of wanting to take a nap right after lunch, they will often feel a surge of energy as they have just loaded their bellies with restorative nutrients instead of sugary foods.

Regular activities that once seemed to cause a mental breakdown will now be accomplished much easier. Most will see more mental clarity within the first week which will help them develop new and exciting recipes to make the transition easier.

Living Vegan Week 2 – First 30 Days Of Going Vegan

While a person may have struggled to remove meat during their first week, by week two meat is now a thing of the past. Skipping meat is now routine and the person will no longer miss it. Instead, they will start to crave leafy greens, legumes, and fruits that provide them quality nutrients that help them improve overall. Meat has a way of making a person feel bloated and tired. Now, that meat is no longer a factor, a new vegan’s energy level continues to soar throughout the day without the presence of lows.

Living Vegan Week 3

For many people, the whole point of switching to a vegan lifestyle is the overall health they experience. This includes a smaller waistline. By week 3, vegans will begin to see the number on their scales drop. Not only will they lose inches, they are going to see the pounds start to shed as they continue to commit to this new lifestyle. This can be great motivation for anyone to keep on going.

Living Vegan Week 4 – First 30 Days Of Going Vegan

Before transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, many people craved meat; however, by week four, they are now craving healthy fruits and vegetables. How awesome is it for a person to wake up in the morning and want healthy foods instead of sugary cereals and processed animal products? It’s exhilarating! Dairy is no longer an issue as well. Getting a great meal filled with all the right nutrients can help make the entire day go much better.

Additionally, since these foods contain a lot of fiber, vegan food will keep a person fuller much longer than processed foods. When lunch time comes, they won’t be knocking everyone out of the way to eat, which ultimately helps them maintain their new lifestyle.