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Getting the Best Car Insurance Quotes Online

Getting the Best Car Insurance Quotes Online

Getting the best car insurance quotes online can be exhausting. Major car insurance sites like Geico, Progressive, State Farm and others all have a slightly different process with different numbers to call and varying degrees of accuracy when it comes to the best auto insurance plans and coverage.

There are other alternatives to looking for cheap car insurance on a bunch of different websites or spending valuable time on the phone getting quotes or worse, talking to a robot on the phone before reaching an actual human being.

Like travel and hotel sites, there are “meta” engines out there for comparing auto insurance quotes all in one place. Like Expedia or Kayak for travel, customers start by entering some basic information to start the engine crawling auto insurance rates in their database. is one such meta crawler that gives users a comparison of more than 20 million rates nationwide. Compare says their comparisons are impartial and that the prices they quote are confirmed with each issuer. The car insurance quotes services from is free to use and pretty user friendly and fast. Like most car insurance sites, it begins the process with your ZIP code then walks you through the 3 major steps behind getting any accurate auto insurance quote: vehicle(s) make and model, the drivers’ history, and your previous insurance coverage. The process takes about 5 minutes after which you are presented with the levels of coverage you’d like to see.

Once that’s complete the sites starts to work its magic. Within about 30 seconds, if you’ll be presented with a variety of options at from different auto insurance companies and can check out right from the site and start the process with the best insurer for you.

Other sites that perform similar services include and

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