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How Meditation Can Help Calm Your Anxiety

How Meditation Can Help Calm Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a major issue for many people, making it difficult to enjoy the experience of living fully. Anxiety brings tension and fear that terrorizes the body. Fear and tension lower one’s joy and peaceful living. Anxious feelings make normal life extremely challenging. Anxiety makes life difficult to the point of being unable to fully enjoy life with the feeling of something bad is going to happen. Many people with anxiety try meditation as a way of relief. Meditation has been a practice mostly used in the Eastern Hemisphere. Meditation can help calm your anxiety by helping to counter fear, stress, and tension.

The practice of finding a quiet and serene place to center yourself and shut off the mind can invoke a change of thinking. This helps counter anxiety. The practice may be immediate but even if it’s not, it is always good to stay with it. It just takes a few moments a day and can dramatically change your way of thinking and relax the body — it’s one of the surest ways to counter anxiety. Here are 3 different kinds of meditation that will make a big difference in your life.

Mantra Meditation 

Mantra Meditation is best and well known for its calming capabilities. This practice involves repeating a calm word of choice or a mantra. Mantra creates a vibration in your voice that’s deeply soothing. It is advisable to do this practice repeatedly. Mantra quiets the mind and gives you an opportunity to just sit in the moment.

Mindful Meditation – How Meditation Can Help Calm Your Anxiety

Mindful meditation is effective and has been recommended by the Mayo Clinic to still the mind. Mindful meditation is a key aspect to reducing anxiety. At the center of this practice is the goal that you should just “be.” Exist in the peace of the moment and don’t think forward or backward in time. Breathing techniques help you stay in the current moment enabling you to calm and relax your mind. While meditating, it is highly advisable to take deep breaths to cleanse the body and relax the mind. This exercise can be done anytime and there are no restrictions. You can do it anytime so long as you’re willing. Mindful Meditation is simply a matter of being aware in your body and living in the moment.

Relaxing the muscles

This exercise simply focuses on your muscles by tensing and then relaxing them. You will quickly notice how tense your body was and how calm it has become. This exercise will automatically calm your mind and ease your body, mind, and spirit. There is nothing important in this world than the peace of mind. A healthy and peaceful mind is the basis of one’s joy and happiness. Meditation has helped many people reduce stress and completely refresh your body and soul.

Many people with anxiety find meditation effective. Relaxing your muscles is especially important because the mind also relaxes. Focus on tensing and relaxing a few times. Breathe in and tighten all your muscles then breathe out slowly. For you to get the full effect you can tense your body parts one by one. If you only have a moment, it is important to tense the whole body and release. Meditation is the surest way to reduce anxiety and many people have benefited from this exercise.