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Simple Home Makeover Tips That Can Help Reduce Stress

Simple Home Makeover Tips That Can Help Reduce Stress

After a long, demanding, and stressful day, instead of disappearing, the stress can follow us home. The environment inside of our homes can potentially add to the stress. Little details we think are insubstantial can increase anxiety. Home should be a place to decompress–it should be a sanctuary. And it can be. It’s amazing how little it takes to change the atmosphere of a home; just by making the simple alterations, your mind and body can improve drastically. With that in mind, here are some simple home makeover tips that can help reduce stress.

Get Rid of the Clutter

As the saying goes, a messy home makes for a messy mind. A room filled with clutter induces anxiety. This refers to both a messy room and a claustrophobic furniture arrangement. Staying on top of your chores, like doing the dishes and laundry, is a great way to decrease clutter and give yourself peace of mind.

Make sure the furniture in the rooms is not jam packed together but allow comfortable space to move around. A crowded, overstuffed room will make you feel suffocated. Space your furniture and allow yourself to breathe; you don’t want too much furniture, either.

There should also be cohesion in the textures and patterns of the room, so the ambiance of the room is balanced. Going through old stuff and getting rid of what you no longer need will also help de-clutter hour home and make it feel lighter. Hoarding is a disorder for a reason.

Revive the Atmosphere – Simple Home Makeover Tips That Can Help Reduce Stress

Revive the whole atmosphere of your house by incorporating plants as décor. It will add refreshing colors and create a natural calming effect.

On the effect of colors, think about the colors of your walls. Choose calming hues like soft blues, lavender and pale greens, which are known to be relaxing.

Open the blinds. Let as much natural light in as possible. The sunlight will drastically improve your mood. And at night, light up a scented candle; it will relax you and help you sleep sounder at night.

Unplug from Electronics

The most important way to de-stress your home is by setting a time and cutting yourself off from electronics, like phones, tablets, computers, because they can take a toll on your sleeping habit. Doing this will help lessen your racing mind when you are trying to sleep. Bad sleeping contributes significantly to increased stress levels.

Switch to Healthy Snacks – Simple Home Makeover Tips That Can Help Reduce Stress

Changing what’s in your fridge and exchanging fatty snacks to healthy snacks will cleanse your body and mind, consequently improving your mood. Fruits and vegetables release the right kind of chemicals and are excellent stress alleviators.

While it is impossible to get rid of all stress, creating a home environment that is clean, light and welcoming can help reduce those stress levels for a healthier mindset.