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The Hawaiian Bucket List You’ve Got To Try

Everyone knows Hawaii is filled with gorgeous beaches and epic waterfalls and is pretty much every vacationer’s dream spot. But here is a concrete list of the top 19 adventures you must embark on when visiting this beautiful island. Do them at least once in your life!

1. Cliff diving from “Da Rock” in Waymay Bay

You can attempt a high jump to the big waves from the highest point (“Towers”) on Oahu island, which is around 35-49 feet.

2. Relax in a natural jacuzzi

Thanks to mother nature, you can enjoy a nature’s jacuzzi in Mermaid Caves. You can feel all the serenity and peacefulness of the nature around you.

3. Swimming with dolphins

Snorkel with a pod of beautiful wild spinner dolphins in the blue and clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

4. Stretch Out With Yoga

When the sun goes down… This is the perfect time for some yoga by the beach. Happy Aloha Friday!

5. Lava Flow Viewing

Seeing the flowing lava up close is truly an unforgettable experience. Imagine standing by the Big Island’s volcanoes, which are an active geological wonder and are always churning.

6. Parasailing Safely in Ka’ena Point

With parasailing over Hawaii you can have the most beautiful views of the beaches and the whole island.

7. Stargazing at night

Spend some time to just sit and enjoy the sky view, which is amazing; the stars seem so bright and the sky makes you dream.

8. Get to Know the underwater life

Explore the island’s marine water life and come closer with dolphins, whales, sea turtles, which are very friendly visitors to the waters of Pacific Ocean.

9. Hawaii’s Waipio Valley

Slide to the most amazing waterslides in the islands. You’ll get some great views of hidden waterfalls and the valley. Keep in mind that in order to get there you have to hike through a tunner for about half a mile.

10. Feel the Ocean Waves

Enjoy the big waves of Hawaii island. You can choose to surf the giant waves or just sit by the beach and feel their breeze.

11. Whale watching

Watch the whales, especially if you happen to visit the island from late November to mid-April, which is the whale watching season.

12. Find your own Hawaiian waterfall

It’s not often that you get to see a waterfall that is surrounded by different colours and an amazing scenery.

13. Climb at the Pali notches

Take a steep hike up to the two man-made notches in Hawaii, that are cut out of the mountain.

14. Sail at sunset

Hop on a Hawaiian sunset sail and enjoy the cruise, the sea and the magic waters and sky.

15. Unplug and Live your dream

Let yourself free to swim in the blue waters and relax on the beaches of the island, in order to recharge your batteries.

16. Climb at Koko Head Crater

Take a climb to the top of Koko Head Crater and enjoy the spectacular view in every direction. The view of the sunset at this place is amazing.

17. Visit a bamboo forest

Another dream hike is to pay a visit to a bamboo forest, where you can see majestic banyan trees and plantation. Especially if you love photos, you’re gonna adore this place.

18. Volcanoes in National Park

You have to walk about a 1/2 mile through a deep rainforest in order to explore the 500-year old Thurston lava tubes, but it’s worth it.

19. Relax at Koke’s State Park

Find a beautiful spot and just stop to feel the moment and get some panoramic views of Kauai’s treasures. The place is amazing especially if you love hiking and camping.

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