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Three Essentials for Healthy, Happy Living This Summer

Three Essentials for Healthy, Happy Living This Summer

The tail end of spring time always ushers in conflicting feelings of excitement and anxiety over our beach body readiness. On one hand, the promise of sun, sand, relaxation, and fun inspires the best of us to focus on health and fitness after the many dull, sedentary weeks of winter. Inevitably, though, the pressure to slim down makes even the smartest of individuals resort to unrealistic, torturous, borderline dangerous fad diets and exercise habits. These destructive crazes will continue to come and go, but a number of today’s health-conscious trends offer a balance of mind, body, and spirit that promise wellness and fulfillment for even casual health aficionados. As the summer season descends upon us, here are three essentials for healthy, happy living this summer.

Exercise – Three Essentials for Healthy, Happy Living This Summer

The landscape of everyday physical fitness has changed in recent years, as the traditional gym membership is on the decline in favor of small boutique fitness classes offering unique activities (Dailymail). When it comes to weight loss and tone-up, people are seeing fast, quality results when they commit to specialized training such as spin (indoor cycling). For summer 2015, take a new approach to group exercise by seeking boot-camp style classes that take place outdoors. Whether at a local park or beach, many fitness coaches offer regular training in an environment that stimulates the senses and inspires peace and relaxation. If money or time are issues, look to take your solo workout to a free outdoor setting such as biking at a local trail or running on a seaside pier.

Diet – Three Essentials for Healthy, Happy Living This Summer

Health and wellness, especially when it comes to nutrition, are as mainstream in our culture as ever before. Many experts point out the decline of traditional dieting, as contemporary people are more and more aware of the benefits of smart food selection. Beyond basic sustenance, proper eating habits—when combined with exercise—allow individuals to maintain their weight and slim down faster then expected. For 2015, educate yourself about the benefits of so-called “Superfoods,” nutrient-dense sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals pertinent to the health of our minds and bodies (CBS). Superfruits like blueberries, strawberries, and kiwi are perfect additions to a refreshing barbecue or beach-side salad, and they also offer natural slimming properties.

Mind – Three Essentials for Healthy, Happy Living This Summer

There is something about a warm summer night by the campfire or the calm lull of the sea that naturally settles the mind. Still, summertime relaxation and mental clarity are not guaranteed, especially when we are fixated on achieving our ideal appearances for shorts, tank top, and bikini season. Making intelligent choices regarding exercise and diet helps, but be sure to seek solace in other ways. The summer season offers the best opportunities to unplug. Ditch your smartphone and other gadgets and take advantage of the cheerful daylight, unbeatable sunsets, and the mild, seemingly endless nights of summer. Even when the stress of work persists, remember that there is no better time to “trick” your mind into vacation mode.

When June 21st arrives, will your mind and body be ready? Make sure to live a happy, healthy, relaxing existence for the summer of 2015.