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Traveling on a Budget

Traveling on a Budget

Just because you do not make a lot of money does not mean you cannot travel the world. You just must be a little bit more careful and plan things in advance. There are several things you can do if you are traveling on a budget and still see all the things you want to see. Follow these tips to budget your travel expenses.

Airfare Tips

When it comes to airfare, prices can get high quickly. But there are ways to save on airline tickets. First, you need to purchase your ticket in advance. Look for sales and check discount websites first. Then, play around with some dates. If you are flexible, you can save a lot. Flying on certain days of the week is more expensive than others so find the most inexpensive combination and save money! Also, connecting flights are less expensive so even though it will take you longer to get to your destination, if you have a long layover, you can spend an afternoon in a new city waiting for your flight. Lastly, always travel light. Airlines charge you to check your baggage now so, if possible, use only a carry on. If you need more, do not over pack because then you will also get an oversize charge.

Rental Cars – Traveling On a Budget

If you are driving instead and need a rental, always ask for the smallest vehicle as they tend to need less gas. Fill up the tank on your own instead of letting the company do it. This may sound small, but they charge you more than you would pay to do it yourself. Also, look for coupon codes and ask about the lowest rate. Again, be flexible with your dates. It may be less expensive to rent a car for a week than 4 days.


When it comes to accommodations, rates tend to be more expensive on the weekends. If possible, you may want to stay in a town right next to the city you are visiting. Shopping around for rates can give you a good idea of whether this would be a less expensive option. If you are leaving the country, research some quality hostels. They are much less expensive, and you have a chance to meet others traveling from all over the world.

Dining – Traveling On a Budget

You must eat while traveling and of course, you want to spend money trying out the cuisine but try to eat more breakfasts and lunches than dinners. They are less expensive. However, sometimes the food is the best part of a vacation, and you may simply want to budget more for this part of the trip. You may want to consider going grocery shopping in the city if you have a place to store the food. This is especially exciting in other countries. You never know what you will find!

Overall, be flexible and do your research. Places you want to visit may offer discounts to students or based on age. Take advantage of these discounts and go out there and see the world.

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