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Why You Should Visit Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Why You Should Visit Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Halifax is one of the most pleasant and beautiful cities in the world to visit. Apart from it being the largest city in Atlantic Canada, it ends up attracting visitors from every corner of the globe every year.

It also has a neat and lively neighborhood. The friendly locals, who are commonly known as Haligonians, usually have a high quality standard of living. As a visitor you will be able to visit different places from this region .Here are the five reasons why you need to visit this lovely place:

1. The waterfront boardwalk

With the waterfront board that is available here, as a visitor you will come across different kinds of activities being done here. For, example you will happen to see cafes and restaurants, shops and galleries — you’ll also find other people basking or even entertaining others. Just a small distance from the southern end of the boardwalk you will get some major attractions such as Canadian museum immigration and sea port farmers market.

2. Local seafood and brew

When you are here you will enjoy locally sourced seafood — people here embrace their local dishes which is a big deal here. The food includes lobster, scallops, chowder — dishes galore! And there are also some comfort food staples that you cannot afford to overlook; this includes the girro — aTurkish-inspired donair.

Also, there has been a booming brewing industry in the last few years. For example, a brewing industry called Garrison Brewery Company has become more prominent here, and many more and about an hour from the city. There is a chauffeur and guided tour known as grape escapes Nova Scotia wine tour.

3. The immigration museum

Halifax also boasts of an immigration museum by the name Pier 21. The museum has been renovated in such a way that its current size is much larger as compared to the past. This museum is set within a terminal that is of historical nature, and sheds that were used by immigrants before they were processed.

One thing about the museum is that technology has been introduced where a screen with a user friendly interface gives you information on the immigration in Canada from hundreds of years ago to now.

4. Entertainment

Once you are in this city, you will get to enjoy music that is played here and have night life entertainment.  Two of Canada’s most prominent TV programmes used to be filmed here and this includes a sing- a-long jubilee and Don Messer’s jubilee.

Anne Murray also got her start from these programmes, and talents just like hers you will find being practiced in local pubs lounge and restaurants

5. The Halifax Citadel

The Halifax Citadel, the only star shaped building that was left by the British forts sits on the top of a hill. The citadel has members who were of the 78th highland regiment of red coated type.

In conclusion, going through the above reasons on why you should visit Halifax. you see that this place has much to offer in terms of friendly locals, amazing food, entertainment and even some history.

This article originally appeared in Fodor’s Travel by Elissa Garay

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