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Fuel Cards, Fleet Cards And How To Use Them

Fuel Cards, Fleet Cards And How To Use Them

fuel card or fleet card is used as a payment card most commonly for gasoline, diesel, and other fuels at gas stations. Fleet cards can also be used to pay for vehicle maintenance and expenses at the discretion of the fleet owner or manager.

Fleet cards are unique due to the convenient and comprehensive reporting that accompanies their use. Fleet cards enable fleet owners/ managers to receive real time reports and set purchase controls with their cards helping them to stay informed of all business related expenses.

Fleet cards can be provided not only by oil brands like ShellChevronExxonMobil, but also by companies that only specialize in providing fuel cards such as EdenredFleetcor, Petrol Plus Region, Fuelman, Fleetcard and others. Additionally, rideshare companies like Uber have fleet cards for their drivers, which allow the drivers to have gas money deducted from their earnings.

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