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How to Throw a Virtual Wedding

How to Throw a Virtual Wedding

Thousands of couples this year had to make the choice to either postpone, cancel their wedding or plan it in a different manner. The wedding industry was thrown for a loop and the date you dreamed to be your wedding date can no longer happen. Although the large-scale wedding of your dreams might not be able to happen, that doesn’t mean that your special day has to be a complete bust. The other option is planning to throw a virtual wedding.

You might not be able to have your wedding at your dream location with 150+ guest but you can still hold a virtual wedding until it is safe to celebrate with your love ones. Some states are even allowing couples to be wed virtually without any legal issues.

If a virtual wedding sounds like a good plan to you, lets break down how to have the perfect one. Here are some tips on how to throw a virtual wedding. 

Check Your Local Clerk’s Office

You still need to get a marriage license in order to be legally married on your day. Check with your local Clerk’s office to make sure they are handling marriage licenses properly and you can obtain one in time for your ceremony. 

Pick a Platform

Your going to want to choose the best virtual platform for you wedding. You can choose from numerous options too like Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Zoom. Make sure you check the time restrictions each one has so you wedding doesn’t get cut off halfway through. 

Wardrobe – How to Throw a Virtual Wedding

Deciding what you want to wear might be hard. Do you wear your wedding dress that you got or something a little more casual? The good thing is white appears great on camera, so go with your dress or a nice silky slip if you don’t have your dress yet. Encourage you guess to wear clothes that show celebration, like bright colors or patterns. 

Inviting the Guest

Use email or e-vite to invite your guest to your virtual wedding. Tailor the invite to the general theme of your wedding and make sure you choose a fun subject line that will grab your guest attention. Give them options about dressing up, having drinks ready, and maybe staying for a small cocktail hour. In the email make sure to give the link to the meeting so they can easily join it and not have any questions. 

The Scene

You still want this day to be perfect, so make sure your ceremony area is what you dreamed up. Contact florist or get crafty and make some arches, flower bouquets and more to celebrate your special day. You can even look only for people selling old wedding decorations for free, cheap, or renting them out. 

Hair and Makeup – How to Throw a Virtual Wedding

Save some money and do you own hair and makeup yourself. It’s probably impossible to get a stylist to your house anyways so find a few looks you like on Pinterest and find the one that suits you and you can accomplish on your own. Remember your hair and makeup don’t have to be overdone. 

Capture It

Some states might allow photographers but if not, set up a tripod and take your own photos. A timer can be set to capture the perfect moments and you set up the lighting to capture your best angles. 

Cut the Cake

You’re getting married so you need to have a cake! You can either bake your own or purchase one from a store. Adding your own special decorations will really make the cake your own and you can still cut in virtually with all your loved ones watching. 

A virtually wedding might not be what you planned but if postponing your wedding is out of the question, this is a great option for celebrating your special day with the people you love still surrounding you.